Beauty Professional Doe Deere Expands Cosmetic Line

Not many people ever believe the youthful face of CEO, and marketing expert, Doe Deere. She tells Glamour magazine online her day starts off with a few stretches, her favorite frappes, and a daily beauty ritual, after her shower. She admits exercise and sleep are important to her productivity each day. Her beauty routine consists of her own unique colors with a concealer to go along with her look from a competitor brand. Its hard to determine if you’ll see Deere, with pink or purple hair on any given day. She helps her wearers find creative new colors to bring out their confidence.


Deere always believed beauty was more than skin deep. She contributes to the unique identity of thousands of girls and guys worldwide with cool unapologetic shades and hues. Her idea of unconventional colors have meant passing the savings on to her wearers with each product priced under $50. She was one of the first of her kind to take a chance with the velvetine matte line because she knows taking risks is a part of being successful in business. Turns out, young adults, busy professionals, and others trying to capture their identity highly prefer the super-foil formula.


Deere knew from any early age success lies in valuing the people who attend your events and spend money on your brand. When you value your customers over money, you’re taking the first step in being successful in business because people love a sincere professional who can relate to their needs. In fact, getting her design school certification was important to branding her makeup. She attended a popular design school in New York City and shortly after, Lime Crime was born. Lime Crime is a popular super-foil based line of lipstick shades and eyeshadow with trendy colors like Beet It or Purple Sorbet.


Doe Deere recently expanded her Lime Crime brand with a popular Scandal lipstick brand featuring a bold purple-violet hue. It was an immediate favorite among her 2.4 million Instagram followers and has done well standing as its own brand under the Lime Crime name. Her Unicorn hair dye collection is also very popular with a 700ml jar giving her wearers one permanent or two semi-permanent hair dye applicants. Her love for animals means all her products are cruelty free and never tested on animals. Bring out your best features from the Lime Crime brand by Doe Deere today. Learn more:


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