Betsy DeVos, A Warrior for Education

Betsy DeVos and her husband have spent their lives donating to many philanthropic endeavors. They have spent much money (millions of dollars even) assisting various Republicans in the country. Their philanthropic foundations have helped millions of Americans and have benefitted many families.

The fact that they are so ready to invest in philanthropy is a testament to their beliefs. Betsy DeVos is a Christian woman and is not afraid to let it be known. She has donated money to educational research and improvement and has also donated resources to those wishing to aid in the improvement of national education. She has been known to donate millions of dollars to other organizations through her popular foundation.

Betsy DeVos donated a record amount of $10 million dollars in 2015 to organizations dedicated to helping families. Her main philanthropic foundation is the Betsy DeVos Family Foundation. She does various activities to assist American families in need. She donates food, health care, and educational benefits to those families who might otherwise go without. She has funded financial aid scholarships to college students and the Betsy DeVos Family Foundation has pledged $3.2 million for future endeavors.

The foundation has been instrumental in funding Loudspeaker Media Inc. They recently gave $400,000 to the non-profit organization in a show of support for education. Loudspeaker Media Inc. is the creator and maintainer of the educational site, The 74. The 74 had nothing but positive news and good words to say about Betsy DeVos and The Betsy DeVos Family Foundation in an article they ran. After that massive donation, Betsy authorized an additional $400,000 donation to the education charity, The Partnership for Educational Justice. Through her continued deeds of philanthropy and great endeavors, Betsy DeVos has made the United States a better place for those without access to a quality education. She makes it possible to live the American Dream.

Throughput her professional career, Betsy Devos has defended the rights of children to have access to education. She believes that everyone should have a choice of where they receive education. Some of her policies have been described as disruptive, and indeed, they make the country a more level playing field. She is currently the 11th Secretary of Education in the United States and has been involved in educational politics since she began her career in politics. Her inspiration came from her mother at a young age.

Betsy served as a mentor for at-risk school children for fifteen years and learned about inner city plight through interactions with her students, teachers, and parents. She decided to dedicate her talents to creating massive change and went about her foray into politics. She has been instrumental in voicing the woes of educational deficits and has implemented bills and budget changes.


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