Bruno Fagali on Beer Label Legislation in Brazil

One of the latest pieces of news that the Fagali Advocacy has covered was in the realm of manufacture transparency, and it is a regulation that the Brazilian Federal Court issued earlier this year. Beer labels are to start listing every single kind of cereal used for the production of the beverage. On beer labels, one can find listed “unmalted cereal” which means cereals such as rice, corn, soy, sorghum, oats, or any blend of those cereals. To achieve more transparency from manufacturers, the courts have issued the regulation that those blends are now to be specified in detail. From the court, it was stated that consumers have every right to be aware of exactly what is in the products they are buying and consumer be it food or beverage which is not possible while there are hidden ingredients used under phrases such as “unmalted cereal”. The country of Brazil is working towards changing that.

Many manufacturers have claimed that it will be difficult for them or impossible to abide by that legislation as there are a number of factors that heavily influence what unmalted cereals they use. Those factors may be seasonal, climatic, economic, and geographic. The judge that led the discussion on the matter responded that there are ways to overcome that obstacle. He suggested adopting graphic labeling standards that would reflect the various characteristics such as seasonal and geographical factors for example.

The Fagali Advocacy is a regular source of news in terms of the latest regulation in Brazil. The law firm covers various news in compliance and other fields of law. It was established in 2016 by rising lawyer Bruno Fagali who has been active in his line of work since 2006.

Layer Bruno fagali studied at the Pontifical Catholic University of Sao Paulo, achieving his bachelor’s in law and specialization in Administrative Law. After that he had his master’s degree at the University of Sao Paulo, graduating in 2017. He has worked at various law firm including the Nova s/ b as their Corporate Integrity Manager. Bruno fagali is holding the position along with working independently as a lawyer.

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