Efforts of Dedicated Roberto Santiago

Roberto Santiago is among the great people who have participated in many roles with the aim of transforming the society. He is a Brazilian citizen who has majored in many parts of the community such as sports. He was born in the year 1958 in one of the cities. His has invested in the field of business, and this has earned him to build a luxurious mall by the name Manaira Shopping that is located in Paraiba. Most of his earlier life was in the city of Roberto Santiago. In the part of the politics, he belongs to the Social Democratic Party where he been elected for the second time as the federal deputy. He has played an enormous role in the society marked by workers regulation through the various organization. Roberto Santiago is also the vice president of the union General Unions of the Workers that advocates for the rights of the worker at the workplaces. The set objective that has been outlined by the union is to fight all kind of discrimination that the workers are facing while they are working. Furthermore, Roberto Santiago was part of the team that was pushing for the improved mobile operation and the plans on the sector of the healthcare via the Consumer Law Commission where he holds the position of the chairperson.

Roberto Santiago has played an immense role in the implementation of the act of the constitution that initiates the fair treatment of the workers. The primary areas that he was concern about are the maternity leave of the workers and the sickness benefits which all the workers were eligible to according to the stipulation of the CLT. Additionally, Roberto Santiago made the 12 million traders who had the collective agreement assistance till they were registered and recognized. The dedication that he had to work his contribution to the community made him elected as the president to serve in Labour, Administration and Public Committee of the Federal Chamber. He demonstrated his ability in the post for several years.

Roberto Santiago as an investor is known to be behind the idea of the development of Manaira Shopping. The plan was implemented in the year 1989, and the mall is among the classiest known malls in Brazil. Its location is a serene environment which is appealing various tourists in the region. The rooms are modernized with 3D, VIP rooms, and even PlayStation. On top of it is a structure named Domus Hall. The hall is equipped well and can hold up to 14 thousand people at once. Aside from that, Complex is made of two annexed flows that are specified for the accommodation of the guest.

Roberto Santiago has made a lot of contribution to the society as an investor and politician.


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