Founder of PodcastOne, Norman Pattiz, Announces Study’s Results

In a recent article posted on, PodcastOne Chairman Norman Pattiz announced the results of the Network’s Brand Lift Studies. The studies that Pattiz and Tom Webster, Vice President of Strategy, conducted were to see the results of advertising tests with five major national consumer brands. This study was conducted in 2016 and was the first of its kind. By taking the time to monitor audiences both before and after the PodcastOne campaign they were able to definitively show advertising’s impact on the consumer brands. These studies proved the positive impact of advertising brands during a podcast as well as the recall of specific messaging and intent of listeners to purchase.


The PodcastOne studies found that over half, almost 70%, of listeners mentioned a specific product post-campaign, which was ten times more likely than the 7% of the listeners pre-campaign. Unaided product awareness increased also increased post-campaign. There was a 24% increase for lawn and garden products, 47% increase for financial service products and a 37% increase for automobile aftermarket products. Listeners also showed very favorable opinions of specific products and stated that they were much more likely to buy the mentioned products. Specific automobile aftermarket products were up to 18% more likely to be bought while specific lawn and garden products were up to 22% more likely to be bought. Lastly, the awareness listeners had for mentioned products and dining restaurants increased by 60% and 76% respectively.


The findings of these studies by PodcastOne were much greater than Founder Norman Pattiz expected and is eager to conduct similar studies in the future. Pattiz has over four decades of experience in radio syndication. He was also was appointed to serve on the Broadcasting Board of Governors of the United States of America by President Clinton and reappointed by President Bush. He founded PodcastOne in 2012 after creating the Courtside Entertainment Group, a quality programming distribution company, in 2010. However, his most well-known role was as the Founder of Westwood One. Westwood One either owned, managed or distributed several radio stations including CBS News, NBC radio networks, CNN radio as well as NFL Football, March Madness, NCAA Basketball, The Super Bowl, Mutual Broadcasting System and the Olympic Games. PodcastOne has become his main focus and Norman Pattiz wants to see how far the company will take him. As one of the leading producers and distributors of on-demand programming PodcastOne has given Pattiz several opportunities he never thought were possible.


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