How To Keep Your Party Simple But Sophisticated

You do not need to go overboard to plan a sophisticated party. It is easy to create an elegant vibe without getting too extreme, and most corporate event planners in New York City will tell you that less is more with party planning. Here is a small guide on how to keep your party simple but sophisticated.

Simple Table Settings: Overdoing your table decor is a good way to overwhelm your guests. There are simple ways to add a touch of elegance to your table. One idea is to tie your flatware with decorative ribbon. You can also use votive candles or natural elements to create a centerpiece.

Serve Hors D’oeuvres: A sophisticated party does not require a sit-down dinner. You can achieve the same touch of elegance by serving hors d’oeuvres. This allows your guests to mingle as they sample different flavors. Your guests are sure to love Swedish Meatballs, Prosciutto Bruschetta and Scallop and Shrimp Cocktail.

Self-Serve Bar: You do not have to set up a full bar with a bartender to create a sophisticated vibe. Start by setting up an elegant tray with a decanter and glasses, and then add several kinds of liquor and mixers to the bar. You can set the mood by offering your guests champagne and sparkling water as soon as they arrive.

Offer A Specialty Cocktail: A specialty cocktail in a chic glass is sure to set the mood. There are many cocktails that fit elegant events, such as the Yellow Bicycle, Pink Gin Fizz or Pisco Punch. If you are already offering a self-serve bar, you should only stick to one type of specialty cocktail. Remember to only serve each guest one alcoholic beverage per hour.

Do you need help planning your party? It is best to look into reliable event planning companies in NYC, such as Twenty Three Layers. You can hire the company to select a venue, plan the menu and hire the entertainment for your party. The team is sure to create a sophisticated vibe without overwhelming your guests.

A party that is simple but sophisticated is sure to be remembered forever.


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