Jake Gottlieb’s Lifelong Continued Success

Jacob Gottlieb is a New York state native that was born 50-some years ago in Brooklyn, one of New York City’s five boroughs. Mr. Gottlieb was born to a pair of upper-class Polish immigrants that came directly to the so-called land of opportunity from their home in Poland, a landlocked country in central Europe.


The young Jacob’s parents achieved success in their working lives, which assuredly served as a solid precursor to the impressive achievements that Mr. Gottlieb would eventually rack up throughout his time in academia and the workplace.


Max and Helena Gottlieb, Jacob’s mom and pop, worked as a college professor and pediatrician near their homes in New York City. Understandably so, Jacob soon realized in childhood that he was fascinated with economics – his father’s field of study – and finance, as well as medicine.


Some years ago, when Mr. Gottlieb was a seventh-grade student, his hard work and a keen interest in finance landed him first place in a stock-selecting showdown in which he generated greater rewards than any other peer of his. To this day, Jacob swears that his dad Max, an expert in economics, didn’t help him.


It was at that young age when the aforementioned business market expert – Max Gottlieb – opened up an investment trading account so Jacob could get a feel for what investing really was. As the true-to-life story goes, the adolescent Jacob Gottlieb very much enjoyed seeing how finance worked in the real world.


After he graduated high school, the 18-year-old Jacob enrolled in Brown University, an Ivy League school known for its rigorous selection process. He earned a degree in economics there, worked for a year, then went back to New York University Medical School to grab a doctor of medicine degree.


Despite these profound accomplishments, Jacob works as a CIO for a leading hedge fund in the Big Apple.


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