Meet Robert Johnson: A Securus Technologies Consultant and Ex-Officer

Some events happen in our lives and leave us victimized or with scars that we have to cope with for the rest of our lives. How we decide to handle, the post-effects vary from one individual to another. Robert Johnson is one of the personalities who have one of these painful events that he narrates to anyone who is interested in hearing his story.

The most amazing thing about Robert Johnson is the direction he took after his tragedy. Robert is currently working as a consultant of Securus Technologies. His purpose is to see that there are no contraband phones in the correctional facilities. According to Robert, the inmates began this battle, and he has to end it.

Robert says that he had woken up to go to work as usual. His role in the prison was to see that there were no illegal properties in the cells. He must have been very competent and efficient in his work that the criminals involved felt the need of eliminating him.

In this fateful morning, as he was preparing for work and doing his morning rituals, he heard a bang in his front door. Being an officer, he knew this was an attack, to protect his wife he called out to the intruder in the hallway. He was right because after some few minutes one man showed up and hit him, they struggled for a short while, after which more men showed up. At this point, all he remembers is waking up in the hospital bed with pain all over his body.

Robert says that the doctors kept telling his wife he wouldn’t make it. His wife, however, told them his purpose in the world wasn’t over. Robert says that the doctors say he died twice but he was so stubborn, so he came back.

Later, after exclusive research on his attack, it was found that Sean Echols, a convict who had just been released was sent to kill Robert. Sean Echols was contracted through a contraband cell phone.

Robert Johnson has had more than 23 surgeries since the incident. He lives with a lot of pain every single day of his life. This, however, does not stop him from fulfilling his purpose of cleaning up the correction facilities.

Robert Johnson is a paid consultant of Securus Technologies which uses Wireless Containment System that helps in managing the calls that come in and go the prisons. The firm has blocked more than 1.7 inmate calls over the years.


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