Sam Adrangi Is Making Waves In His Industry By Sharing His Research

Sahm Adrangi is founder and CEO of Kerrisdale Capital Management, and he has taken a leading role in his company since day one. Kerrisdale Capital Management now manages roughly $150 million but started out with less that $1 million in capital. This is a testament to the abilities and experience that Mr. Adrangi is known for. He became well-known during 2010-2011 when he called out several Chinese companies for fraud including China Cast Education Corp, China-Biotics, and China Marine Food Group.

Sahm Adrangi has steered his company towards the biotechnology field and mining in recent years, but Kerrisdale publishes research on many different companies and business sectors. It has also done research and shared what it knows about the telecommunications industry. This includes sharing information about Dish Network, Globalstar, and Straight Path Communications that demonstrate some of the holes in what they propose to offer. This even led Mr. Adrangi to

meet with the FCC as well as publish a group of articles related to the topic, and

Sahm Adrangi began his career by focusing on finance and credit by working at Deutsche Bank. It was there that he learned how to offer advise to creditor committees who faced bankruptcy and other issues. He also worked in investment banking for many years with Longacre Management and furthered his knowledge in the field. Mr. Adrangi has made appearances on Bloomberg, CNBC, in the New York Times, and the Wall Street Journal. As a speaker, he has enlightened many by participating in the Distressed Debt Investing Conference, the Sohn Conference, and the Activist Investor Conference.

What stands out the most about Sahm Adrango is his ability to find excellent short selling opportunities and publish his findings. He invests in many different kinds of stocks and businesses and participates in practices that are not, generally, understood by the market. His business, Kerrisdale, focuses on this, as well, and the research that is being done at the company helps to correct misinterpretations related to certain companies. His research can be found on Twitter and the Kerrisdale website.

Sahm Adrangi earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics while attending Yale University from 1999-2003, and read full article.

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