Sussex Healthcare, Senior Living Home

Sussex Healthcare is a senior living facility that is located in the heart of the United Kingdom. It offers its support to the elderly and those who are vulnerable to certain illnesses. And it caters to a variety of different stages of life. However, they specialize in assisting those who suffer with disabilities–both physical and mental.

Sussex Healthcare helps people who suffer with Dementia, Alzheimer’s, neurological disorders, and learning disabilities. They receive care that is comprehensive from a staff that desire to help them live more comfortably. The goal of this company is to give a multi-level treatment to their patients to help with emotional health and mental health.

However, one its biggest claim to fame is its fitness program. This company offers several programs which have been designed to include both changes in exercise and diet. The company has found this to be a great way to enhance their clients’ developmental abilities. Sussex Healthcare has over 20 homes and each has installed state of the art gym equipment–anything that is necessary in order to help patients work towards their fitness goals.


Also, this senior living facility has also constructed its homes in a way that all who there will have the privilege of enjoying life. You can see evidence of this by the social events that the facility sets up for its residents in attempts to ensure that residents maintain great social interactions.

A key part of this facility’s success has come from its professional staff. Not only do they work to ensure that patients receive the proper treatment, but they also strive to ensure that they receive care that is of the highest quality. They have received the best of training and know the latest and most cutting techniques to improve the health of patients. While many facilities may train their staff to deal with certain general illnesses, Sussex stresses the importance of addressing the needs of each individual resident. In this way, they can be the most effective in their treatments.

In fact, its the company’s dedication to excellence that has inspired its latest change. Most recently, Sussex Healthcare appointed a new CEO, Amanda Morgan-Taylor, who will work to boost the already great services. She has worked in the healthcare industry since 1984 and has a wealth of valuable experience. It is said that Taylor will go a long ways towards the company’s restructure and evolution.


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